Sunday, December 04, 2005

Go Go Goa

Now I son't want to give the impression that this blog is only concerned with sexploits instead of mere exploits, but thought the following must be shared, even at risk of me not being allowed home as my mother reads this. Don't worry mum, I didn't do anything...

After my previous experiences in bombay i've been on a roll. Not only did i manage to pick up in the (proper) gay club, and almost in the taj mahal intercontinenal hotel foyer, I also encountered the following in the anjuna flea market in goa...

"Hello my friend, you want to come see my shop?"
"No, thankyou."
"I give you good price, very cheap."
"I've heard this somewhere before. No, thankyou."
He comes up to me, flinging a friendly arm round my neck. "ah, i like you."
"erm, thanks".
He looks around to check if anyone's listening. At least 300 people could be, but he carries on regardless.
Conspiritorially: "You wan't some ziggy-ziggy?"
I look at him. What is ziggy? Stardust? Confused, I say again, "No, thankyou/"
"I give good ziggy ziggy."
I recall that Bob Marley's son was named Ziggy. I decide it must be drugs. "No, thankyou."
His hand suddenly brushes that bit that men have between the thighs and the stomach. "Ziggy ziggy" he says again, as if this will clarify matters.
A little taken aback at this unusual attack on my personal space, a light suddenly dawns. I remember someone saying at Vivek high school once: "in the hindi languaze, the j and z sounds are almost the same..."
Ziggy ziggy... jiggy jiggy. the dirty little b*****d wanted to have his wicked way with me in the palm forest behind the market ground.
(mum, the missing word is BUZZARD, a kind of bird).

smiling at him, I make my excuses. "no ziggy ziggy thankyou. I don't want ziggy ziggy on the beach. I'm worried about crabs..."


Blogger kyoush said...

"Buzzards"!!... yeah, I believe that!! ;)

Oh, i found something. I'll mail it to you, since i dont know who all read your blog..;P

9:30 PM  
Blogger kyoush said...

Hey Nick,
I added a link to your blog at my own blog, without asking first.

Hope its not a problem. If it is, lemme know (comment on my blog or mail me at and i'll remove the link asap.


p.s.: Just a request, but kindly delete this comment after you've read it. I cudn't think of a better way to communicate this; and i didnt intend to either promote my blog in this way, or keep my email address in a live post. Thnx...

4:21 AM  

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