Friday, November 18, 2005

Mandu and murderers

Just a quickie. We travelled from varanasi to bhopal to indore to dhar to Mandu just to spend less than 24 hours there and then move to mumbai. Mandu is very beautiful, though. Lots of temples built i think by the Afghans, and one with a lovely view over the smoggy plains of Madhya Pradesh ('Central State', ie the bit in the middle no one knows what to do with).

oh, and I did a 12km cycle ride in the middle of the day to get to it. I am worried for my sanity.

I hitched a lift with a school trip down to the bus stand (best friends by the end of it, and would i like to teach in their school, and please can i have your mobile number, and missing you already), and then caught a bus to here, and then another bus to there, and then a third bus so somewhere entirely different. On the third bus I was sitting next to a bunch of policeman and a soon-to-be-trialed murderer, who had killed his friend with a cricket bat during a match argument. In 1998. Now, just forgetting momentarily that it's taken 7 years to come to trial, and not asking why the police are using public transport for their felons, tell me: is this not proof that cricket is in fact a national danger? An obsession, like a drug fuelled frenzy. So watch out for those cricketers in the streets... it might not be only the ball they're hitting...


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