Monday, November 21, 2005

Bombastic Bombay: Part 1: Voodoo. Who do? You do.

Lifted from the Trainees in Chandigarh blog, that I posted the other day ...

Greetings from Bombay, powerhouse of india and just as dirty as the rest.

Was just wandering through the shops and stopped at a dvd store and found the following:
Star Wars III: Revenge of Smith
The Day After Tomorrow 3: Still Snowing.


Incidentally, Mumbai is the place in India for homosexualists. there's a proper gay club which i'm off to tonight. there's also a gay pub, called Voodoo. For 'gay', read 'full of old men and female prostitutes.' I asked the manager 'Isn't this a gay bar?' 'Yes, yes. gay bar. Best quality. Like a drink?'... ' no, but shouldn't a gay bar have... I don't know... gay men in it?' 'Yes, yes, men, lots of men, like you, we find you the best women, very cheap, good quality, very young, with breast.'



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